Research Profiles

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Research Profiles provide an easy way for you to view results from National Church Life Surveys. They are a rich source of information for research projects of any size. Each Profile follows the same template and compares the responses of three groups of attenders who participated in the 2016 National Church Life Survey. Examples are three age groups, three ethnic groups and so on.

These Research Profiles can also be customised to your needs. Contact the NCLS Research office.

Contents of each Research Profile include:

  • People of this Church: Demographics, children and youth, new arrivals, gifts and skills, leadership roles, what people value, attenders patterns of attendance and involvement in church life.
  • Church Vitality: NCLS Research has identified 9 Core Qualities shown to be central to the life of a vital church. These Core Qualities are measured and grouped into three areas of church life. The Internal Core Qualities focus on the inner life of the community of faith. The Inspirational Core Qualities focus on the vigour of a church and the catalysts that inspire a church to move forward. The Outward Core Qualities focus on the outward looking life of the church.

Data in these reports are weighted to account for different levels of NCLS participation from different denominations/movements, and local churches of different sizes.