Voting patterns of church attenders in 2016

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This fact sheet examines Australian church attenders’ voting patterns in federal elections.Is there a clear voting pattern for Australian church attenders in federal elections?. Reporting on voter intentions for federal elections is a staple of Australian media news cycles and a constant source of interest to governments, businesses and civil society alike. While the patterns differ somewhat by denomination and demographic factors, especially age, Australian church attenders are predominantly conservative in their voting preferences. There has been a shift away from the Coalition towards minor parties/independents over 20 years.


Authors: Miriam Pepper, Steve Bevis, Rachel Fitzpatrick, Ruth Powell, Nicole Hancock, Angelyn Singh


Pepper, M., Bevis, S., Fitzpatrick, R., Powell, R., Hancock, N., & Singh, A. Voting patterns of church attenders, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 19001. Sydney: NCLS Research.