Church attender attitudes to euthanasia in 2016

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This fact sheet examines church attenders’ attitudes to euthanasia.Euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia in 2018, but will become legal in Victoria in mid-2019 when new laws come into effect.

Religious groups have frequently weighed in on the euthanasia debate. Conservative churches have voiced their opposition to decriminalising euthanasia, claiming the right to give and take life belongs to God alone.

Other Christian groups, such as Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia, support euthanasia as providing compassionate, dignified death for the terminally ill.

The Australian population largely supports voluntary euthanasia, with a strong majority in support. How does this compare to the opinions of church attenders?


Authors: Miriam Pepper, Nicole Hancock, Ruth Powell


Pepper, M., hancock, N., & Powell, R. (2018).) Church attender attitudes to euthanasia, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 18008. Sydney: NCLS Research.