Justice – A Christian Role in Society in 2016

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The notion of a just society, where all have adequate access to resources, opportunity and a say in decisions that affect their lives, is not only a basic tenet of modern Western democracies, but a notion that few Christians would disagree that the Gospels call for. The question of how Christians should engage in this work, is one which has long been debated and elicits a much wider variety of responses.

In 2016, the National Church Life Survey asked a sample of Catholic, Anglican and Protestant attenders the following question:
“Do you agree or disagree: ‘Christians should work to change the structures of society in order to create a more just society’?”


Authors: Carol Gan, Miriam Pepper, Nicole Hancock, Ruth Powell


Powell, R. Gan, C., Pepper, M., & Hancock, N. (2017) Justice – a Christian role in society, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 17003. Sydney: NCLS Research.