Justice – A Christian Role in Society in 2011

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The notion of a just society, where all have adequate access to resources, opportunity and a say in decisions that affect their lives, is a basic tenet of modern Western democracies. Christianity has long played a role in debates over what shape justice should take in the prevailing circumstances. Today, we are aware that social structures are not only somewhat fluid and changeable, but can also have effects that are sometimes unjust. The status quo is not necessarily eternal or inevitably good. Churches, Christians, and church-based NGOs have been involved in debate and active attempts to redress social and environmental issues. What are attenders’ views on this issue?


Authors: Miriam Pepper, Ruth Powell, Steve Bevis


Powell, R., Pepper, M., & Bevis, S. (2014). Justice – a Christian role in society, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 14023. Sydney: NCLS Research.