Initial Impressions: 2001 NCLS

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Preliminary national results from the 2001 National Church Life Survey

Initial Impressions 2001 is designed to share some preliminary national results from the 2001 National Church Life Survey, one of the most comprehensive databases on church life and mission anywhere in the world.



A range of important issues are explored including attenders’ faith and experience of worship, their patterns of involvement and sense of belonging, the preparedness of attenders to share their faith with others, willingness to invite others to church, involvement in community groups and the helping of others in informal ways.

Finally, consideration is given to leadership issues and the attitudes of attenders to the future direction of their congregation or parish.

Initial Impressions 2001 also contain breakdowns both by age group and denomination.

Authors: John Bellamy, Peter Kaldor


Bellamy, J & Kaldor P (2002) Initial Impressions 2001. Adelaide: Openbook.