Enriching Church Life: A Practical Guide For Local Churches (First Edition)

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Enriching Church Life is a practical book designed to help you understand and foster vitality in your church.

It shows how the results of the National Church Life Survey can be the starting point for positive and enriching change in your church.



This is a book for all local churches whether large or small, whether thriving or struggling.

Enriching Church Life Outlines:

  • Three different processes to help your church to move forward. Which process you choose depends on the situation at your church. All three processes focus on the sources of life in your church and your church's strengths, in order to build a positive future for your church.
  • What else your church needs to keep moving ahead. It is one thing to dream dreams and another to bring those dreams to reality. This book contains advice on how to keep the momentum going, as well as resources to help your church to move ahead.
  • Key research findings on fostering vitality and growth in churches These findings are based on major surveys in four countries: Australia, England, New Zealand and USA.

Authors: John Bellamy, Bryan Cussen, Sam Sterland, Ruth Powell, Peter Kaldor


Bellamy, J. Cussen, B. Sterland, S. Castle, K. Powell, R. & Kaldor, P. (2006) Enriching Church Life: A Practical Guide For Local Churches. Adelaide: Openbook.