Comparing Australian Church Attenders by ATSI Origin (2021 NCLS)

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This research profile compares three groups of church attenders, based on their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin:

1. Australian Church Attenders - ATSI background, 
2. Australian Church Attenders - non-ATSI background, 
3. All Australian Church Attenders in 2021.

Findings are drawn from church attenders who participated in the 2021 National Church Life Survey. Based on the Church Life Profile framework, this 18 page report presents comparisons on the 9 NCLS Core Qualities, demographics, church background, as well as 3 attendance measures.

Explore results including ATSI church attenders' growth in faith, experience of worship services, and sense of belonging to their local church. See how they include others, participate in local community groups, as well as care for the environment. 

As well, discover what they most value about church, what they would like their church to prioritise, and their willingness to be involved in church roles. 

Powell, R., Sterland, S., Jacka, K., Gan, C., Pepper, M. & Hourihan, F. (2024) Comparing Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Church Attenders with other groups. NCLS Research Profile 2417. Sydney: NCLS Research.