Voting patterns of church attenders in 2011

Reporting on voter intentions for federal elections is a staple of Australian media news cycles and a constant source of interest to governments, businesses and civil society alike. Australian Federal Government elections are held to elect parliaments for three-year terms for the House of Representatives and in a ten-year period Australian voters could be required to vote on four separate occasions. Is there a clear voting pattern for Australian church attenders in federal elections? Results from the 2011 National Church Life Survey reveal church attender voting patterns across denominations. In late 2011, a sample of Catholic, Anglican and Protestant church attenders was asked: What have been your voting patterns over the last 10 years in lower house Federal elections?


Miriam Pepper, Ruth Powell, Nicole Hancock and Steve Bevis.


Bevis, S., Pepper, M., Powell, R., & Hancock, N. (2013). Voting patterns of church attenders, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 13007. Sydney: NCLS Research.